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Flight Instruction

Cessna 172N & Cessna A150M

SilverWing Flight Services offers two aircraft for instruction, rental, and scenic flights, a Cessna 172N and a Cessna A150M. Our planes can be booked online for easy scheduling and are available for instruction by the hour.

Cessna 172N

Well suited for IFR training, SilverWing Flight Services's Cessna 172 is a perfect primary trainer. It has the power to operate all summer during the hottest time of the year with any of our approved local instructors. Give us a call and we can get you set up with the instructor that best suits your needs. We’ll get you started with an introductory flight. After that, the magic of flight will hook you and propel you to your pilot’s license.

Instruction Pricing (Cessna 172N)

  • Instructor prices range from $25-35 per hour

Cessna A150M

SilverWing Flight Services's Cessna A150M is a perfect and cost effective primary trainer. As a VFR aircraft, cross country and local flights will provide an excellent platform for new pilots as well as offer variety to our growing aircraft rental fleet. Upset recovery training is available through our certified instructors. Call to schedule your 150 check-out ride or to arrange your introductory flight today!

Instruction Pricing (Cessna A150M)

  • Instructor prices range from $25-35 per hour

For more information, give us a call at (208) 263-9102 or contact us online.


Ground School

Gain the knowledge required to pass your written test as well as build a solid foundation of the fundamentals of flight. This is your traditional bookwork side of flight training and can be completed through various avenues.

Give us a call at (208) 263-9102 or contact us online to discuss some of the available options in Sandpoint that will suit your needs.


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